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                Usually you are notified about registration matters by the
Director of Undergraduate Advising (and I receive a copy of that email).
I’ve not seen such an email, and I’ve heard from a few students that they
haven’t received one either.

·         The schedule of classes for the Spring 2015 semester should be
viewable online since this morning.

·         Registration begins on Monday, Nov. 10. I presume it follows the
usual tiered system, but I have no confirmation of this. Usually, access is
given in order of decreasing seniority (5th year students on Monday, 4th
year on Tuesday, etc).

·         You need a new PIN number from me to complete your registration.

·         You will need to have all of your holds cleared (if you have any)
before you will be able to register.

You can use DegreeWorks (accessible via MyIIT) to get an idea of which
classes you need to take.

Please contact me with your plans for next semester – either via email or
in person. Once I know which classes you’re planning to take, I will give
you your PIN.

                Best wishes,

                Greg Fasshauer


Greg Fasshauer

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