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Xiaofan Li lix at iit.edu
Sat May 10 17:37:53 CDT 2014

Hello all,
    if you are interested, you can contact Mr. Colvin (see below).


Professor, Director of Graduate Studies
Department of Applied Mathematics
Illinois Institute of Technology
Tel:  (312) 567-5340      Office: E1 Building Room 117C
Fax: (312) 567-3135      10 W 32nd St
mypages.iit.edu/~lix        Chicago, IL 60616

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From: Colvin Hostetter <calvnhostter at gmail.com>
Date: Mon, May 5, 2014 at 7:33 PM
Subject: Math Lessons
To: sli at math.iit.edu


This is Mr. Colvin Hostetter. I came across your e-mail while surfing
online. I hereby write to secure hours of private tutoring for my Daughter,
Debra. If you will be available for the service.  She is 18 year old and
she will not be enrolled in any school for now. She also love to learn and
it will be a great experience working with her.  To further the
arrangement, I would like the lessons to be at your location. Kindly let me
know your policy with regard to the fees, cancellations, location and
make-up lessons.  You can as well let me know your major and any
information you consider necessary.

The lessons can start by third week in May.

Looking forward reading from you.

Mr. Colvin.

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