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Hi Math club members,

Just got this from Barrett. The SIAM Annual Meeting 2014 is being held July
7th --11 at the Palmer House in downtown Chicago.  There will be up to two
sessions devoted to undergraduate research projects covering all areas of
Applied and Computational Mathematics. The link is


There is a deadline for submitting (which I don't know so please check the
link) if you wish to present your research results.

Professor Erickson

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Please circulate the attached flier as widely as possible.

There are two undergraduate paper sessions being scheduled on the Monday.
Recently we have held these sessions at CSE meetings but of course this is
not a CSE year and we still want to give an opportunity for undergrad
research to be celebrated.

Because of the time-frame, we really want submissions ASAP and decision
will be largely based on when I receive them subject only to a basic
assessment of appropriateness. So please encourage students to be timely in
their submissions.

As usual conference registration will be complementary for the selected

Peter Turner

SIAM Vice-President for Education

Peter R Turner

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Professor, Mathematics & Computer Science

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