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> Subject: Undergraduate Summer Research Program
> Date: December 3, 2014 at 3:14:07 PM CST
> Dear Professor Hickernell,
> I am writing to request your help in identifying undergraduate students who are interested in a summer research experience. I hope you will encourage them to consider applying to the 2015 Nebraska Summer Research Program <http://www.unl.edu/summerprogram/>. 
>  <http://www.unl.edu/summerprogram/>
> Nebraska's summer program offers research opportunities in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields in addition to an interdisciplinary Minority Health Disparities <http://www.unl.edu/summerprogram/health> program aimed at conducting cutting edge social and behavioral research into understanding and reducing health disparities and in diversifying minority health researchers. A complete listing of faculty mentors and research project descriptions can be found on our website at http://www.unl.edu/summerprogram <http://www.unl.edu/summerprogram>. Students can also find information about program benefits including a competitive stipend, room and board, travel expenses, and more.  
> Summer 2015 programs include:
> Applied Mathematics <http://www.unl.edu/summerprogram/math>  
> Bioenergy Systems <http://www.unl.edu/summerprogram/bioenergy>  
> Biomedical Engineering <http://www.unl.edu/summerprogram/biomedical>  
> Chemistry <http://www.unl.edu/summerprogram/chemistry>  
> Minority Health Disparities <http://www.unl.edu/summerprogram/health>   
> Nanohybrid Functional Materials <http://www.unl.edu/summerprogram/nano>
> Optics and Laser Physics <http://www.unl.edu/summerprogram/physics>
> Redox Biology <http://www.unl.edu/summerprogram/redox>  
> Sustainability of Civil Infrastructures in Rural Environments <http://www.unl.edu/summerprogram/civil>
> Virology <http://www.unl.edu/summerprogram/virology> 
> During the Nebraska Summer Research Program <http://www.unl.edu/summerprogram/>, students receive first-hand exposure to research and the experience of graduate school. They work closely with faculty mentors and research teams of graduate students and other summer scholars. Students also have opportunities to participate in meaningful social and professional development activities outside of the laboratory. 
> Our online application makes it easy for students to apply. Priority review begins Monday, February 2 and all applications must be completed by Monday, March 2.Students historically underrepresented in graduate education and students from academic institutions where research programs are limited are especially encouraged to apply. 
> Please feel free to forward this to your students or to download our flyer <http://www.unl.edu/summerprogram/front/2014_UNL_Summer_Research_Postcard.pdf> to post. If you or your students have questions, don't hesitate to contact me directly. 
> Sincerely,
> Maggie Jobes
> Summer Research Program Director
> Assistant Director of Graduate Recruitment 
> Office of Graduate Studies
> University of Nebraska–Lincoln 
> maggiejobes.graduate at unl.edu <mailto:maggiejobes.graduate at unl.edu>
>  <https://www.facebook.com/UNLGradStudies>
>  <https://twitter.com/UNLGradStudies>
>  <https://twitter.com/UNLGradLife>
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