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Hi Math Club Members,

Keith Pedersen is hosting a MUG (Mathematica User Group) and pizza workshop
this Thursday at lunch. See message below. If you are interested please
fill out the doodle.

Professor Erickson

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Friends, Scientists, Journeymen, lend me your eyes,

(Sorry if you already received this message from Todd Kersh, but the
mailing lists overlap a bit. If you plan on attending PLEASE RSVP by
filling out the Doodle).

It's that time of year again; the time for the dreaded "Semester Project".
And since a high level project is built from high powered tools, many of
you have probably decided to do your projects in Mathematica.

Yet, perhaps there are a few lines of code which, you must admit, are not
your most glowing achievement. They work as you intended, but they are
ugly, and it just "feels" like there must be another (shorter/cleaner) way.

Or maybe there is some request which, for the life of you, you cannot get
Mathematica to comply with. And you've tried EVERYTHING.

These are the situations where the wisdom of your peers, who may have
sweated through the exact same problems, is a valuable resource. And it is
this wisdom which we will hopefully tap into at the MUG workshop.

Participants will be asked to give a short (~5 min) presentation about
their project (to a small group, so bring your laptop). Then they will
highlight the lines of code which they feel are their weakest. Everyone
else will look at the code and offer helpful suggestions on how to improve
it. These suggestions could range from a built-in function which
accomplishes the same thing to a completely different approach to the

However, you don't have to present to attend; anyone can come just to watch
and learn. And this is the kind of event where everyone is guaranteed to
learn something, because they will asking others to re-imagine their work,
and everyone has their own opinions on the best way to do something.

I will be giving a short presentation at the start, while people are
eating, about how to make functions output error user-defined error
messages, as this is great way to debug your own code (instead of just
relying on Mathematica's error messages).

So the question is not "Should I attend?" but "What toppings do I want on
my pizza?". If you plan attending, please RSVP by filling out the Doodle to
decide what kind of pizza to get:


MUG Semester Project Workshop
4/24/14 (Thursday)
E1 027
12:45 P - 2:15P
Free Pizza!

Hope to see you there,


John Erickson, Ph.D.

Senior Lecturer

Department of Applied Mathematics

Illinois Institute of Technology

Chicago, IL 60616

Office: Engineering 1, Room 110

email: john.erickson at iit.edu

Phone: (312) 567-8915

Fax: (312) 567-3135

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