[ugrads] Ph.D. Thesis Defense for G. Balint

Myrna Walker mwalke13 at iit.edu
Tue Apr 8 08:09:08 CDT 2014

Dear All,

Please note the time change.  Per Professor Ellis: the public portion of
the defense will end at 2:00 pm.

Please attend Greg Balint's Ph.D. Thesis Defense.

When: Thursday, April 17, 2014, *1:00 - 2:00 pm*

Where: E1 244

Title: Constructions in Non-Adaptive Group Testing - Steiner Systems and
Latin Squares

Abstract: In group testing we have a (large) set of items -- called
population -- and a small subset of 'special' elements -- branded as
'defective' items. Our job is to identify the whole set of defective items
within our population. In group testing we can use tests -- we can test a
subset of the populations to get the answer 'positive' if there exist a
defective item in the tested subset or 'negative' otherwise. In theory the
general goal of group testing is to do this with as few tests as possible,
while in practice there are usually extra conditions to be met.

 Our thesis explores and introduces new constructions for non-adaptive
group testing, which are particulary important for the parameter range we
encounter in real life problems. Our constructions take existing good test
matrices (disjunct or separable matrices) to create disjunct (or separable)
test matrices of larger size from them. Aside from our constructions we
introduce asymptotic results and explore ways of making our construction
even better via column augmentation (adding extra columns to an already
good matrix).

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