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Sample problem:

Players 1,2,3,…,n are seated around a table and each has a single penny.
Player 1 passes a penny to Player 2, who then passes two pennies to Player
3. Player 3 then passes one penny to Player 4, who passes two pennies to
Player 5, and so on, players alternately passing one penny or two to the
next player who still has some pennies. A player who runs out of pennies
drops out of the game and leaves the table.

Find an infinite set of numbers n for which some player ends up with all n

More sample problems here:

Interested in more?  Then you should register for these two math contests:

Saturday, October 26, 9am-11:30am

Saturday, December 7
The Putnam Competition

Although both of these are national contests (with corresponding honors and
prizes), you don't need to travel anywhere: the contest will be
administered locally at IIT Main Campus.

To register, send me an e-mail by MONDAY, OCTOBER 7 with your full name and
tell me which contests you plan to take. Any undergraduate student who
hasn't earned a college degree, who hasn't already participated four times)
can participate.

Questions?  Send me an e-mail.

Michael J. Pelsmajer
Applied Mathematics, E1 Room 206
Illinois Institute of Technology
Chicago, IL 60616
pelsmajer at iit.edu

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