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FYI, summer research opportunity for undergrad students. 

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> Dear Chicago Area Faculty Members,
> I am writing to seek your help in identifying motivated underrepresented minority and disadvantaged undergraduate students with a strong interest in participating in a summer research program at the Center for Multiscale Theory and Simulation (CMTS) at the University of Chicago. The summer program aims to create an opportunity for undergraduates to participate in relevant research at a premier science institution, with the goal of preparing them for success in their graduate and professional careers.
> Research at the CMTS is focused on developing new theoretical and computational methods to understand processes in biomolecular systems and their effects on cellular biology. The multiscale nature of these problems requires insight from many different fields of study. Physics, chemistry and biology are heavily represented in the research at the CMTS, but also ideas are adopted from the fields of computer science and mathematics. Therefore, students with backgrounds from a wide range of disciplines will be able to see applications of their current academic coursework, and at the same time learn about other fields, while conducting summer research at the CMTS. More information on the CMTS can be found here: http://cmts.uchicago.edu
> The students will be working under the supervision of postdoctoral scholars at the center, with oversight and guidance from the CMTS faculty (University of Chicago chemistry, biochemistry, computer science, and mathematics faculty members). The program will last eight weeks, beginning on June 17th and ending on August 9th. A stipend will also be provided to the students. If you know of interested undergraduates, please forward this message to them and have them send their resume, transcript (official or unofficial), statement of research interests (300-500 words), and two letters of recommendation to cllewis at uchicago.edu by April 12th, 2013. We will inform the students of acceptance no later than April 26th, 2013. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
> Best wishes,
> Greg Voth
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