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Dear Colleague,

I recently sent you an e-mail announcement regarding Cornell's 2013 Summer
Math Institute.
In the previous e-mail the second paragraph said "Students who will
graduate during the 2012-2013 academic year are eligible to apply", and
there seems to be some confusion from student responses.  By this I meant
such students, AS WELL AS UNDERCLASS STUDENTS are eligible to apply.  I
apologize for the confusion and this extra email.

Below is the corrected text.


Dear Colleague,

We are again running the Summer Math Institute (SMI) at Cornell from June 8
- August 3, 2013.  The SMI Program aims to prepare undergraduates for the
challenges of graduate school in the mathematical sciences.  The primary
focus is a rigorous algebra course taught  at the level of Dummit and
Foote's Abstract Algebra, comparable to Cornell's honors undergraduate
algebra course.  There is also a project/research component to SMI, and
regular opportunities to interact with visiting speakers from other
universities and from industry.  We are committed to increasing diversity
in the mathematical sciences, and particularly encourage women and students
from underrepresented groups to apply to SMI.

Please circulate this information to interested students in your
department.  It is expected that applicants have taken a standard
sophomore-level linear algebra course.  A further course in abstract
algebra, linear algebra, number theory, or a related topic would also be

WILL GRADUATE DURING THE 2012-2013 ACADEMIC YEAR.  Applicants must be US
citizens or permanent residents.  The deadline for applications is February
15, 2013. We expect to notify successful applicants around March 10, 2013.

More information may be found on the SMI web page,


Thank you very much for your help.

With best wishes,

Ravi Ramakrishna
Director, SMI

P.S.  If you are not the correct person for this email, please forward it
as appropriate.  If you send us the new person's email, we will update our

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