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                If anyone is still looking for an upper-level social science
elective, please see below.


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Subject: PS 332 - Politics of Science and Technology - upper level social
science elec for scientists/engineers


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Politics of Science and Technology - PS 332

Instructor: Matthew Shapiro


"Politics of Science and Technology" (PS 332) examines the connections
between politics (i.e., power-oriented relationships and dynamics) and
science and technology (S&T). This course will be of particular interest to
students who want to know more about (1) the role of elites - including
scientists and engineers - in achieving S&T-related goals, (2) how the
entrepreneurial government sets up programs to increase innovation, (3)
communication failures in the conveying of science and technology to the
general public, and (4) innovations in e-government. Emphasis is also made
on the connections between innovation and development, and students will be
responsible for creating a project which assesses a particular case of
technology transfer from the developed to the developing world. In lieu of
in-class exams, students will have three 3-4 page papers which they will
have one week to complete. Please contact Dr. Shapiro at
matthew.shapiro at iit.edu if you have any questions!

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