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Undergrads: I strongly recommend that you think about applying for some of
these summer programs (like this one and the one from Cornell, and there
are others).

Grads: This is one of the few that has positions for graduate students.

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Subject: Mathematics REU: San Diego State University
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Esteemed colleague,

San Diego State University is pleased to invite applications to its Summer
2013 Mathematics Research Experiences for Undergraduates.  The program
dates this year will be June 16 -- August 10, and the projects will be in
combinatorics and algebra, specifically group testing and Hadamard matrices.

Please announce to any interested and qualified undergraduates, as well as
to any graduate students interested in helping to lead one of the two
project teams.  The program will pay a stipend of $5000 and provide room
and partial board for nonlocal participants.  The application deadline is
 March 4.  For a detailed program description and application
instructions/materials, please see the program website:


Thank you for your assistance in sharing this opportunity, as well as with
writing letters of recommendation.

Best wishes,
Vadim Ponomarenko
Program Director

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