[ugrads] {Disarmed} IIT SIAM Student Chapter - Visit to Argonne National Laboratory

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Tue Feb 12 12:12:37 CST 2013

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IIT SIAM Student Chapter - Visit to Argonne National Laboratory

Greetings Students and Faculty. Our SIAM Chapter will be sponsoring a trip  
to Argonne National Laboratory this semester. As of now, the date is  
tentatively set for mid-March. We will let you know once a definite  
date/time is set. If you are interested in attending, please fill out the  
form below. **Per ANL's request, all fields are required**

Are you interested in taking a tour of Argonne National Laboratory? *

Please Enter Your Full Name * Example: Joseph Kupiec

Please enter your IIT email address * Example: abcdef at hawk.iit.edu

Citizenship (If not a permanent US Resident) * Example: Canada

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