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                Here's some info from UW-Seattle on their grad programs and
research opportunities in biostatistics.


                Greg Fasshauer




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From: Biostat Student Services Coordinator
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Subject: University of Washington - Biostatistics, Public Health, Summer
REUs, Planning for Graduate School


Hello from the University of Washington in Seattle,


It is a pleasure to send you information about the opportunities for study
in Biostatistics and Public Health at the University of Washington. See
below for information on:

.         Biostatistics - the field, graduate study in biostatistics at the

.         Public Health - the field,  undergraduate/graduate study in public
health at the UW 

.         STEM internships/REUs

.         Planning for Graduate School


Thank you in advance for forwarding/sharing this information with your
students and colleagues. If you or your students have any questions, please
do not hesitate to contact me. 





Gitana Garofalo, MS

Graduate Program Advisor

Department of Biostatistics, Box 357232

University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98195



What is biostatistics? Biostatistics develops and implements rigorous
methods to analyze and interpret data to address questions in public health
and biomedical research. Applications include studying the causes of illness
and injury, analyzing risk factors, planning interventions, evaluating
clinical trials, and monitoring trials for safety and efficacy.
Biostatisticians may also work with genomic scientists to study the genetic
basis for disease and responses to medication. At the forefront of
statistical science, public health, and biomedical research,
biostatisticians serve as key collaborators at every level - designing and
analyzing research studies, overseeing scientific research, participating in
governmental policymaking, training researchers and developing new
statistical theory and methods for the analysis of biological data. The UW
Biostatistics Graduate Program frequently ranks #1 among biostatistics
departments. The Department is a leader in the areas of large data, machine
learning, clinical trials, survival analysis and statistical genetics. Its
83 distinguished and cutting-edge faculty include a Member of the National
Academy of Sciences, three Members of the Institute of Medicine and 20
Fellows of the American Statistical Association. There are approximately 80
students in this hard-working, diverse, and collegial Department and more
than 565 alumni, who are leaders in academia, government, and non-profit and
private industry, and who remain actively involved with the Department.
More info: http://www.biostat.washington.edu/pro


Meet our students!

.         http://sph.washington.edu/prospective/grad_profiles.asp

.         http://www.biostat.washington.edu/grad/studwebs


What is public health? Public health is concerned with protecting the health
of entire populations. These populations can be as small as a local
neighborhood, or as big as an entire country. Public Health is the science
of protecting and improving the health of communities through education,
promotion of healthy lifestyles, and research for disease and injury
prevention. Public health professionals analyze the effect on health of
genetics, personal choice and the environment in order to develop programs
that protect the health of your family and community. The field of public
health is highly varied and encompasses many academic disciplines such as
<http://www.whatispublichealth.org/what/#Biostatistics> Biostatistics,
<http://www.whatispublichealth.org/what/#Epidemiology> Epidemiology, Health
Services,  <http://www.whatispublichealth.org/what/#International> Global
Health ,  <http://www.whatispublichealth.org/what/#Maternal> Maternal and
Child Health,  <http://www.whatispublichealth.org/what/#Nutrition>
Nutrition, Occupational and
<http://www.whatispublichealth.org/what/#Environmental> Environmental
Health, Pathobiology and Public Health Genetics. As the only School of
Public Health in the northwestern the UW SPH occupies and unique and
important position and is dedicated to: education to prepare outstanding,
innovative, and diverse public health leaders and scientists; research to
advance public health science and policies; and service to promote the
health and well-being of communities locally, nationally, and globally. It
also houses more than 30 centers and institutes which collaborate across
disciplines on meaningful ground-breaking research. More info:


Diversity at the UW - We value and honor diverse experiences and
perspectives, strive to create welcoming and respectful learning
environments, and promote access, opportunity and justice for all. See below
for a list of some of the many university- and student-lead offices and
organizations that make the University of Washington a great place to study.
More info: http://www.washington.edu/diversity/

.         Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity (including EOP and Trio)
-  <http://depts.washington.edu/omadcs/contact/>

.         Champions Program (provide holistic support for youth and alumni
of foster care) -  <http://depts.washington.edu/omadcs/champions/>

.         College Assistance Migrant Program (assists students from
migrant/seasonal farm worker families) -

.         Disability Resources for Students -

.         DO-IT (Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking, and
Technology) -  <http://www.washington.edu/doit/>

.         Graduate Opportunities & Minority Achievement Program (GO-MAP) -

.         Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP) -
increase recruitment/retention/graduation of underrepresented students in
STEM -  <http://depts.washington.edu/lsamp/>

.         Veterans Center -

.         Student Chapters/Organizations

o    AISES Student Chapter -  <http://students.washington.edu/aisesuw/>

o    SACNAS Student Chapter -  <http://students.washington.edu/sacnas/>

o     <mailto:asuwaisc at uw.edu> American Indian Student Commission - 685-4147

o     <mailto:asuwasc at uw.edu> Asian Student Commission - 685-1908

o     <mailto:asuwbsc at uw.edu> Black Student Commission - 543-9242

o     <mailto:asuwswdc at uw.edu> Disabled Student Commission - 616-0948

o     <mailto:asuwraza at uw.edu> La Raza Student Commission - 543-9244

o     <mailto:asuwpisc at uw.edu> Pacific Islander Student Commission -

o     <mailto:asuwgblc at uw.edu> Queer Student Commission - 685-4252

o     <mailto:asuwomn at uw.edu> Women's Action Commission - 543-1817


Seattle/Washington combine natural beauty, vibrant communities and dynamic
innovation. Surrounded by the beautiful and easily-accessible lakes and
mountains of the Pacific Northwest, Seattle is a diverse and international
hub for life sciences research, global health and technology and home to
PATH, Gates Foundation, Amazon, Microsoft, NanoString Technologies,
ZymoGenetics, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle Children's
Hospital, Group Health, Veteran's Administration - many of which offer
employment and internships to current students as well as career
opportunities to alumni.



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