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Barrett Leslie bleslie at hawk.iit.edu
Sun Apr 21 22:11:50 CDT 2013

Greetings Everyone,

     The Annual Math BBQ is an event co-hosted by the IIT-Math Club & IIT-SIAM Chapter. It is open to everyone, and free food will be provided.

     This year, the event will be hosted @ The BOG. There will be bowling, darts, pool, and video games. It is sure to be a great time, so bring your friends! We look forward to seeing you there. All we ask is you let us know your coming, so we can have your FREE FOOD ready for you!!!!!!!

When: Tuesday, April 23rd, 12:30pm - 2:30pm 
Where: @ The BOG 
Registar At: math.iit.edu/~siam

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