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Dear Math Club members:

Apologies if you have already received this email but please check out the
links below for research and funding opportunities.

Professor Pelsmajer has put together a list of

summer opportunities at


and careers at


In addition, Professor Hickernell has compiled a list of scholarship,
fellowship and work opportunities at


and also sent out  sent out the following email of a fantastic NSF
fellowship opportunity. See below.

Dear students who expect to graduate by May 2013,

If you are planning to apply for graduate school in applied mathematics or
a related field, and you are a domestic student, please consider applying
for an NSF Graduate Fellowship.  Mike McCourt, a 2007 grad received one.
 He is a part-time faculty member for us right now.  You may talk to him or
any of the faculty in our department about how to apply.

Best regards,

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*From: *amsdc at ams.org
*Subject: **Graduate Research Fellowships*
*Date: *September 19, 2012 1:10:33 PM CDT
*To: *hickernell at iit.edu
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[image: AMS]

*MEMO TO*: Mathematics Department Chairs & Graduate Directors

*SUBJECT*: Graduate Research Fellowships

We write to seek your help in encouraging graduate-school-bound seniors and
first-year graduate students to apply for National Science Foundation (NSF)
Graduate Research Fellowships. A higher percentage of applications
submitted by students in mathematics will result in a higher number of NSF
graduate fellowships allocated to our students in future years.

Applications in the mathematical sciences must be submitted no later than
8:00 pm Eastern Standard time on November 14, 2012.

*We ask you to:*

   - Encourage your graduate-school-bound seniors to submit a fellowship
   application. We suggest holding a workshop or Math Club event where you
   supply forms, instructions, and advice on writing a statement. Please see
   the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Operations Center
   for further information and forms.
   - Strongly encourage your entering graduate students to submit a
   fellowship application. Make an NSF application-writing session part of new
   graduate student orientation or activities at the start of the semester.
   - Educate your faculty about the benefit to each student of formulating
   a career plan and preparing a grant application.
   - Give the AMS feedback about this effort and more ideas about how to
   accomplish this change.

The NSF offered 2,067 students Graduate Research Fellowships for 2012, with
only 80 of these being math students (i.e., students in the mathematical
sciences). The number of fellowships awarded to math students can and
should be higher; this will be achieved if we can increase the number of
applications to the NSF for these fellowships.

Thank you for helping to increase the number of mathematics graduate
students receiving NSF GraduateResearch Fellowships.
*Eric M. Friedlander*
University of Southern California
AMS President
*David A. Vogan, Jr.*
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
AMS President-Elect
*Kenneth M. Golden*
University of Utah
Chair, AMS Committee on Science Policy

The American Mathematical Society, with over 30,000 members, was founded in
1888 to further the interests of mathematical researchand scholarship and
serves the national and international community through its publications,
meetings, advocacy, and other programs.

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