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Dear all:

I am teaching a social networking course in computer science department in
Spring 2013 semester.
I am wondering if you could distribute this announcement to your students
and others who may have interest in this.
Really appreciate it.

*CS 595/495, Social Networking: Theory and Applications,*

*Spring 2013*

The general theme of the course will be on algorithmic, graph theoretical,
and application oriented issues related to large scale complex social
networks. The specific focus of the course will be on models and algorithms
for social networking structure, information, influence, and belief
propagation, privacy and security issues, anonymous and de-anonymous, and
data mining issues in social networks.

The course will have a seminar format and it will be based on recently
published material in top journals and conferences. The list of recommended
reading will be constantly updated. Students are expected to present some
of the selected papers on some topics and also implement some selected
projects related to social networking.

Working knowledge of some programming languages such as C++, Java, Python,
and data structures is required. Familiarity with basic algorithmic
concepts, probability theory, statistics and linear algebra is also
preferred (some are required). Programming projects will require knowledge
of C (or C++), java, python.

Students who take the course for credit will be required to complete a
course project. In the course of preparing the project the students will
have to do one presentation of several related papers (preferably related
to their project). A reaction paper that summarizes the initial thoughts of
the students with respect to their topic will be required. Finally, active
class participation is always required.


Xiang-Yang Li,  Email: xli at cs.iit.edu      URL: www.cs.iit.edu/~xli;

Office 229C, Stuart Building, Phone: 312-567-5207.

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