[ugrads] Ting Gao's comprehensive exam

Ting Gao tgao5 at hawk.iit.edu
Sat Nov 17 23:03:31 CST 2012

Hi Everyone,

I will have my comprehensive exam Nov.19:  3:15pm, in E1-121. Everyone is
welcome to join.

Title: Application of Random Dynamical Systems Driven by Levy Process and
Uncertainty Quantification

Abstract: Motivated by a lot of applications in Ecology, Epidemiology,
Psychology, Geophysics, Molecular biology and Image processing, it is
importance to study alpha-stable levy process. In this talk, I will present
the numerical method for solving nonlocal PDEs related to mean exit time,
escape probability and time evolutionary pdf. Besides, data assimilation on
SDEs driven by Levy process will also be discussed.

Best wishes,
Ting Gao

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