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> From: Ken Cleveland <Ken.Cleveland at mathworks.com>
> Subject: MATLAB Training Classes in Chicago
> Date: November 6, 2012 4:30:33 PM CST
> To: "hickernell at iit.edu" <hickernell at iit.edu>
> Dear Fred,       
> Since you are in the area, I wanted to let you know that there are 3 MathWorks training classes being held in late November in Chicago:
> MATLAB Programming Techniques (MLPR)
> MATLAB for Building Graphical User Interfaces (MLGU)
> Image Processing with MATLAB (MLIP)
> Academic customers receive a 50% discount off our normal training rates, so feel free to pass this information along to anyone on campus you think would be interested.
> You’ll find complete course details and additional training information located here:  http://www.mathworks.com/#training, but here are the summary descriptions for the 3 Chicago classes:
> MATLAB Programming Techniques, Nov 26-27
> This course provides hands-on experience using the features in the MATLAB® language to write efficient, robust, and well-organized code. These concepts form the foundation for writing full applications, developing algorithms, and extending built-in MATLAB capabilities. Details of performance optimization, as well as tools for writing, debugging, and profiling code, are covered. Topics include:
> ·         Creating robust applications
> ·         Utilizing development tools
> ·         Structuring code
> ·         Structuring data
> ·         Efficient data management
> ·         Classes and objects
> MATLAB for Building Graphical User Interfaces, Nov 28th
> This one-day course presents techniques for building graphical user interfaces (GUIs) in MATLAB. Attendees will learn about user interface controls, such as push buttons and text boxes, and how to use them to create a robust GUI. Topics include:
> ·         Handle Graphics® objects
> ·         User interface controls
> ·         Callback functions
> ·         Graphical user interface development environment (GUIDE)
> ·         GUI deployment
> Image Processing with MATLAB, Nov 29-30
> This two-day course shows how to use Image Processing Toolbox™ to perform various image processing techniques. The course explores the different types of image representations; as well as how to enhance image characteristics, filter and image, and reduce the effects of noise and blurring in an image. It also introduces different methods used to extract features and objects within an image, image registration, and techniques for reconstructing images and objects.
> You can view all of our schedule classes at http://www.mathworks.com/training-schedule/, and either register on that page – or call 508.647.7000 to register by phone.
> Best regards,
> Ken Cleveland
> Educational Sales
> 508.647.8005

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