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Are you a student looking for summer research opportunities in
mathematics?  If so, then you should consider the 2012 Willamette
Valley Mathematics Research Consortium for Undergraduates and
Teachers, a consortium of mathematicians at four predominantly
undergraduate universities in northwest Oregon - Willamette
University, Linfield College, Lewis & Clark College, and the
University of Portland.

Our program consists of four research teams, one per partner
institution, each with four students, one teacher, and two faculty
mentors for an eight-week summer research experience.  Each team will
focus on one of four challenging research projects from a faculty
mentors' area of expertise.

Summer 2012 Projects Titles:

•       Variations of Segment Intersection Graphs

•       Competitive Graph Coloring

•       The Game of Go: Statistical Approaches to Artificial Intelligence

•       Pattern Recognition of Physical Activity Data

The program offers students an excellent opportunity to develop their
research skills and communicate mathematics research in an effective
and engaging manner.  Students will enhance their academic resume,
work closely with faculty, peers, and high school teachers, and also
have fun with social and professional development activities.  Each
student will be housed in a campus dormitory (at no cost to the
student), will receive a $3500 stipend for eight weeks and travel
costs up to $325.

We will accept 16 students this summer!  Students historically
underrepresented in graduate education are especially encouraged to
apply. To be eligible, students must be a U.S. Citizen or permanent
resident who is currently enrolled in an undergraduate program, have a
GPA of 3.0 or higher with prior proof writing or probability and
statistics experience.

Summer 2012 Deadlines:
Application Deadline:   March 15, 2012
Program Dates:  June 18 – August 10, 2012

Information about the program, research projects, and the application
are available at:

Summers in Oregon are known for warm dry days with no humidity; a
perfect environment for activities such as hiking, biking, and math

Inga Johnson and Colin Starr

ijohnson at willaemtte.edu

cstarr at willamette.edu

Inga Johnson, Ph. D.
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Willamette University
900 State Street
Salem, OR 97301


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