[ugrads] Math club meeting scheduling, officer election, summer research applications

Robert Ellis rellis at math.iit.edu
Mon Jan 30 17:16:03 CST 2012

Math Club meetings will be Wednesdays starting February 8, 12:50-1:40pm, in
E1 102. Of those who responded to the doodle, Wednesdays had the most Yes's
and the least No's.

Some key math club events this semester:

   - Menger Day, including poster competition and the plenary speaker
   Philip Holmes' (Princeton) talk to the math club
   - Planning for Illinois Section of the MAA (ISMAA) conference (papers,
   posters, problem competition)
   - Spring barbecue
   - Career fair and summer research application strategies.

Add your email address to
http://math.iit.edu/mailman/listinfo/mathclub-members. Future messages will
be sent to the math club list but not ugrads at math.iit.edu.
On the first meeting, the members will elect officers. These should
certainly include President, Vice-President, and Treasurer, but you can
also opt to include Events Coordinator and Competitions and Conferences
Coordinator (or similar).

Main planning duties are conducted by the president and vice-president in
consultation with me, with planning details delegated to other officers as
appropriate or as available. The Treasurer interacts with the Finance
Board, and makes sure the club has applied for funds, and keeps track of

If you cannot be present at the 2/8 meeting but want to run for one of
these positions, submit to me a brief statement of candidacy, which I will
project at the election at the appropriate time. In the past there have
been few enough candidates that we have elected slates by acclamation.

Thank you,
Robert Ellis

On Fri, Jan 27, 2012 at 10:01 AM, Robert Ellis <rellis at math.iit.edu> wrote:

> Dear Math Club members and Applied Math undergrads,
> Meeting Scheduling Poll: http://www.doodle.com/3xm7c8nvtc3nbhmr
> If you are not on the mathclub-members mailing list, this may be the last
> message you will get for the semester. Sign up (or unsubscribe) here:
> http://math.iit.edu/mailman/listinfo/mathclub-members.
> If you are willing to serve as an officer of the math club, I invite you
> to stop by to discuss what that means. You also must either attend the
> first meeting (to be scheduled) or submit your name for candidacy to me
> beforehand. A new slate of officers will be elected.
>    - There will be an initial math club meeting hopefully Fri 2/3 or Mon
>    2/6 to elect officers and discuss summer research applications and career
>    fairs.
>    - After that there will be regular meetings, which may or may not be
>    on the same day of the week.
>    - Please respond to the poll for the entire semester---saying "Yes" to
>    Wednesday means your Wednesdays are usually free the entire semester.
>    - Click Yes if it is a good day, Maybe if it is acceptable but not
>    great, and No if you can't make it during this day. All times are during
>    the lunch hour.
> Please forward this message to anyone you know who may be interested in
> the Math Club but is neither on the mathclub mailing list nor the math
> ugrad mailing list.
> Poll closes MONDAY 1/30 at 2pm!
> Thank you,
> Robert Ellis
> --
> E1 105C, IL Inst. Tech.
> Chicago, IL 60616
> (312) 567-5336 --- rellis at math.iit.edu
> http://math.iit.edu/~rellis/

E1 105C, IL Inst. Tech.
Chicago, IL 60616
(312) 567-5336 --- rellis at math.iit.edud

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