[ugrads] Upcoming MATH classes (summer/fall)

Greg Fasshauer fasshauer at iit.edu
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                Soon you should be able to view the schedules for both fall
and summer classes.


For summer, we currently have no upper-level MATH class listed. The past two
summers we had MATH 332 and MATH 400, respectively. I would be willing to
schedule MATH 400 (or possibly some other upper-level course with sufficient
demand) this summer. Please contact me as soon as possible if you are


In the fall semester we are offering a new course, MATH 484 (Regression and
Forecasting). It requires MATH 476 (Statistics) as a prerequisite. We've
also made a couple of small changes to the tentative schedule of future
courses (http://www.iit.edu/csl/am/programs/tentative_sched.shtml). However,
MATH 484 does not show up there yet (and the currently listed MATH 483 will
be pushed to a later date).


Registration will be the week of April 9. Unfortunately, I will be out of
town (giving lectures at a couple of universities in California) that entire
week. Therefore, if you need to speak to me in person, or if you don't want
to leave your advising and transfer of PIN number to the last minute, please
make sure to contact me before I leave town, i.e., before April 9. I should
have email access for most of my trip, but I probably won't be able to
respond to your requests immediately.


If you have any questions, please know that you can always contact me.


                Best wishes,


                Greg Fasshauer


P.S.: I added some email addresses to the distribution list manually, and
have asked that the mailing list ugrads at iit.edu be updated for future use.



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