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Robert Ellis rellis at math.iit.edu
Wed Feb 8 17:55:34 CST 2012

Follow up for the math club meeting on Wed Feb 8.

   - February 23rd Career Fair
      - Get at least *one full revision cycle *on your resume.
      (Draft->a friend spell checks->Mr. Mueller at CMC reviews, or faculty
      member reviews->you revise)
      The faculty member who reviews your resume should be one who would be
      willing to write you a letter of recommendation, due to getting an A in
      their class, etc.
      - *Read about companies *you are interested in before hand
   - Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates applications (includes
   Caltect-SURF, IPAM-RIPs, etc.)
      - *Crowd-sourced spreadsheet *to collect data on these to help you

      Request edit privileges if you can add info but I didn't give you
      edit privileges yet.
      - Check NSF listing of math-oriented REU's:
      - *Important:* if you add data please indicate which programs
      international students can apply to and/or get funding for.
   - Preparing your summer research experience application. Typically
   you'll need:
      - Online or paper application form (personal statements, specific
      questions, etc.)
      - official transcript
      - recommendation letter(s): get these from faculty in whose classes
      you got an A or otherwise did something unusually well, or from
faculty who
      are familiar with a special project or significant, relevant
      extracurricular activity. Don't ask faculty randomly.

Thank you,

Robert Ellis
E1 105C, IL Inst. Tech.
Chicago, IL 60616
(312) 567-5336 --- rellis at math.iit.edu

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