[ugrads] Meet a Quant Panel discussion and Math Tea - Apr 26 4:45-6:15pm E1-102

Xuan Zhou xzhou23 at hawk.iit.edu
Wed Apr 25 21:47:25 CDT 2012

Dear all,

You are invited to participate in the Meet a Quant panel discussion, which
will take place on Thursday, April 26, between 5:00 and 6:15 pm, in the
room E1-102 (Engineering 1 bldg) on the main campus of IIT.

Prof. Igor Cialenco and by Prof. Tomasz Bielecki will host two panelists
this time: Dr. Yuhua Yu (DRW Holdings) and Dr. Brian Boonstra (IIT and
Cognitive Capital, LLC).
The panel will be moderated by Prof. Igor Cialenco and by Prof. Tomasz
Bielecki. They will prepare a list of questions for the panelists based,
among others, on questions suggested by students. These questions will be
sent to the panelists. So, if you feel like asking questions, please send
them to Prof. Tomasz Bielecki.

Furthermore, Math Tea will be held by IIT SIAM at 4:45pm before the panel

Best Regards,

Xuan Zhou
Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Applied Mathmatics, Illinois Institute of
President, IIT SIAM Student Chapter

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