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IIT Math BBQ ~ Tuesday, April 24th ~ 12:00pm

Greetings Everyone. The IIT Math Club and SIAM Student Chapter in  
association with the Math Department will hold a BBQ on Tuesday, April 24th  
@ 12:00pm for all AMAT students (ugrad & grad) and Faculty. If you plan on  
attending the Math BBQ, please fill out all the questions below. If you  
have any questions, email: jkupiec at hawk.iit.edu You are required to login  
to my.iit.edu to access the form.
Your hawk.iit.edu username will be recorded when you submit this form.

Please enter your full name in the format: Last Name, First Name * Example:  
Smith, John

Please enter your IIT CWID * Example: A25455698

What type of food do you prefer/require * Choose one of the options below


Are you interested in volunteering * Choose on of the options below


Send me a copy of my responses.

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