[ugrads] Fwd: actuary club

Michael Pelsmajer pelsmajer at iit.edu
Wed Sep 14 17:34:28 CDT 2011

This is an announcement that went out to the math grad students, but
Hao Lu wanted it to go to math undergrads as well.

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Have you had difficulty in finding a job? Have you had trouble
deciding which path is the best for you?
    I am offering an opportunity to join all the people who want to
continue their math path and also find a job. Here, the Actuary Club,
will help you to figure out how to start your career as an actuary,
how to pass actuarial exams and how to find a related job.

    If you want details about the club, the expectations of the club
or any other information, you are welcome to take part in the
presentation I will give on this Thursday afternoon and Friday

The presentation time:

Thursday:   3:30-4:00   E1 102

Friday:     11:00-11:30. E1  026

Hao Lu

hlu13 at hawk.iit.edu


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