[ugrads] Open Source Conference at IIT

Michael J McCourt mccomic at iit.edu
Wed Sep 7 14:32:40 CDT 2011

Hello Applied Math students.  I am writing to let you know about a small conference at IIT next week: X.org is in town from Monday Sept. 12 through Wednesday Sept. 14.  More information is available at

For those of you who are unaware, X is the open source visualization system which let's UNIX users operate in a graphic environment similar to Windows.  If you are interested in X development, or understanding how open source software projects work, this may be an interesting opportunity for you.  The conference is free.

Of specific note to those of you looking for jobs later, there will be an interesting panel on Tuesday, September 13, at 4:00PM.  There is information available at
This session will be contain a panel discussion of professionals who started writing and contributing software while at school and have gone on to make a career out of it.  People here will be able to explain what makes software successful, and many of them run companies so they will also be able to explain how to get jobs.

Feel free to contact me with questions, although I won't be at IIT until Monday next week so you'd have to use email.

Mike McCourt

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