[ugrads] Congratulations to the IIT SIAM Student Chapter on their Conference this past weekend

Fred J. Hickernell hickernell at iit.edu
Mon Oct 31 12:10:18 CDT 2011

Dear Applied Mathematics family,

Please join me in congratulating the IIT SIAM Student Chapter on hosting a very successful conference this past Saturday and Sunday.  The plenary talks, by Jerry Bona, Charles Chui, and Wei B. Wu, were very informative.  The contributed talks were of high quality, similar to very good conferences organized by professors and professional societies.  The attendees came from a number of different universities, and the talks covered a nice spectrum of areas.  The logistics went smoothly, due to the contributions of many SIAM chapter members.  The conference reflected very well on IIT and students.  I hope that it will become a regular event.

Special recognition is due the organizers, Qi Ye (chair), Amlan Barua, Barrett Leslie, and Rodrigo Rodriguez.  When you see them, please congratulate them personally.

Best regards,

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