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Michael Pelsmajer pelsmajer at iit.edu
Tue Oct 25 11:08:03 CDT 2011

Hi.  Someone came by to ask about the VTRMC, and I realized that I
didn't explain something:

Out of 7 questions, if you get one or two right, it is already
impressive.  If you get four right, you will probably be ranked
nationally.  And there is no shame in getting 0 points.  (I have had
_very_ successful math students that don't do well on math contests.)
The competition is designed to be this way.

So I would encourage you to participate Saturday if you have fun
thinking about math problems.  Don't worry about whether you will
score well or not.

(Saturday, October 29, 9am-11:30am, in E1 room 102)

On Mon, Oct 24, 2011 at 4:53 PM, Michael Pelsmajer <pelsmajer at iit.edu> wrote:
> Hi.  IIT undergraduate students can participate in a national math
> competition this Saturday, October 29, 9am-11:30am, in E1 room 102.
> It's called the Virginia Tech Regional Math Competition.  If you like,
> you can see past exams and solutions here:
> http://www.math.vt.edu/people/plinnell/Vtregional/
> If you wish to participate, show up at 8:45am to register.
> Please write me if you have any questions.  Thanks.
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