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*I am one of the volunteer coaches of the new IIT Backgammon Club.  Clubs
and teams have formed all over the country at top schools including Harvard,
UCLA, Yale, Princeton, and closer to home, Northwestern.  *

* *

*We simply don’t have a lot of students interested yet, and would like to
reach more people.  In several other schools the Math and Backgammon clubs
have combined, making both larger and more interesting, and many players
play both…there are a lot of similarities in skill.  Backgammon is 100
percent math and probability and strategy.*

* *

*I would appreciate it very much if you would copy this email to the members
of your math club and let them all know about our new Backgammon Club, and
would also love the opportunity to come to one of your meetings and provide
a brief demonstration and discussion of Backgammon.  *

* *

*Thank you!*

* *

* *


*Phil Simborg*


* *

*Backgammon Lessons for All Levels of Play:*


* *

Education Advisor****

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