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Dear students,

Here is a job opportunity.


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> Date: October 21, 2011 11:59:55 AM CDT
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> Dear colleagues, 
> If you know of anyone looking for a programming job, this is a job announcement for the computer algebra system Macaulay2, widely used in fields such as computational and applied algebraic geometry and commutative algebra. 
> Thanks.
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> From: Grayson, Daniel R. <dan at math.uiuc.edu>
> Date: Fri, Oct 21, 2011 at 11:30 AM
> Subject: Macaulay2 jobs
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> The Macaulay2 free software project ( http://macaulay2.com/ ) seeks one or
> more part-time programmers.  Macaulay2 is a free software computer algebra
> system designed for research in mathematics and related fields.  It contains
> its own high-level interpreted user language, and the program is written in a
> combination of C and C++, another language that we created to help write the
> interpreter that gets translated into C, and the user language.  Macaulay2
> depends on a number of other free software libraries.
> This is a temporary position funded by an NSF contract that terminates in
> August, 2015, but other funding may be available after that.  Applications
> received by Friday, November 11, 2011 will receive full consideration.
> The candidate will be expected to set and manage his/her own development and
> delivery schedules with minimal supervision.
> To apply, send email to Mike Stillman (mike at math.cornell.edu), with "M2
> Programmer" in the subject line.  Pay will be competitive, and will depend on
> experience.
> There are several projects available, and there will be others in the future.
> An applicant may be suitable for all, or for only one.
> 1. Release Manager: Prepare releases for Macaulay2, and maintain the web site
>   and wiki.
>  The preparation of releases includes the following duties:
>    a. prepare binary releases, for Mac OS X, various versions of
>         Unix, GNU-Linux, freeBSD, and Windows under Cygwin
>    b. make sure that these ports pass the test suite
>    c. place them on our web site
>    d. submit releases to Ubuntu, Gentoo, and other distributions
>    e. contact Macaulay2 authors to solicit packages they have written
>         to be distributed with M2
>  The successful applicant will be familiar with building software under
>  GNU-Linux and Mac OS X, will be familiar with autoconf, make, sh, gdb, and
>  related tools, and will have experience with the errors that arise when
>  porting software to new platforms or operating systems.
>  Note: our build system currently builds to many major systems.
> 2. Project: Port Macaulay2 to (native) Windows.
>  Currently, Macaulay2 runs on Windows under Cygwin, and many variants of Unix,
>  GNU-Linux, and Mac OS X.  The applicant will port Macaulay2, and the software
>  that it depends on, to Windows by compiling it either with Visual C/C++, or
>  with GNU's MINGW, whichever seems most appropriate.
>  The successful applicant will be familiar with programming in C and C++ on
>  Windows, and with porting Unix software to Windows.
>  Something will have to be done about Macaulay2's top-level function "fork"
>  and its use by at least one package.
> 3. Project: Multicore and multithreaded Macaulay2
>  We have recently added multithreaded support to Macaulay2.  Currently, this
>  support is very basic.  The applicant will extend its capabilities and make
>  the multithreaded base reliable and efficient.
>  The successful applicant will be familiar with programming for multiple
>  cores, in C and C++ under GNU-Linux and Mac OS X, including debugging such
>  programs.  It will be necessary to know or be able to learn quickly the
>  Macaulay2 user language.
> 4. Project: improve the TeXmacs interface
>  TeXmacs is a free visual mathematics and scientific text editor that supports
>  interaction with computer algebra systems, including Macaulay2, and is
>  available at http://www.texmacs.org/.  A screen shot including an interaction
>  with Macaulay2 is at http://www.math.uiuc.edu/Macaulay2/Screenshots/.  The
>  applicant will improve the interface between TeXmacs and Macaulay2.  Much of
>  that will involve designing good visual displays of various types of Macaulay2
>  objects in the TeXmacs environment.
>  The successful applicant will be expert at programming in C++ and to know or
>  to be able to learn quickly the internals of both TeXmacs and Macaulay2.
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> PS: If you'd like to get off this mailing list, just let me know.  (You are
>    on it probably because you once asked us a question about Macaulay2.)
> -- 
> Sonja Petrovic
> Assistant Professor of Statistics and Mathematics
> The Pennsylvania State Univeristy
> 411 Thomas Building, University Park, PA
> petrovic at stat.psu.edu
> http://www.personal.psu.edu/sxp61/

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