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Fred J. Hickernell hickernell at iit.edu
Thu Oct 13 15:56:10 CDT 2011

Dear students and faculty,

One of our MMF students, Hao Lu, is forming a campus Actuarial Club (see below).  He has received approval from the SGA.  If you are interested in actuarial science, working in the insurance industry, or related fields, please contact him.

Best regards,

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   Actuarial science is the discipline that applies mathematical and statistical methods to assess risk in the insurance and finance industries. Actuaries are professionals who are  qualified in this field through education and experience.

    This club is designed for students who are dedicated to taking and passing the actuarial exams in pursuit of careers as actuaries. It will provide exam support and career information to club members and will encourage a sharing of study materials. But our club is much more than a pure actuarial club. We will discuss about stochastic process, statistics, probability, financial derivatives, risk management, VBA, SQL and some other programming tools. So it is open to everybody who has interest in these fields. 

    We have an online forum: http://actciit.appspot.com/. If you meet some problems or want to share some ideas, you can post your article or questions on the website. You log in the website by using your gmail account. In the download section you can upload your articles or download others' writings. There are three free talk sections: Actuarial Science Problems, Problems from uploaded materials and Free Talk. The first one we discuss academic problems. The second part we discuss about the uploaded files, if you find some errors in the articles, you can post there. In the Free Talk part, we will post updated informations. You can also get other members' email address from the Member Section. I think it is better for all of you to fill your personal informations in the My Profile Section to let others know who you are.

    I have got approved in the SGA meeting, the step I need to go is getting your personal informations: name, student ID, email address. I will attach these personal informations to the formal constitution.

    If you have some questions, just email me or you can post on the online forum.

    Welcome to join us!
    Best Wishes !
    Hao Lu

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