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Reminder: Today at 4:40pm...

On Mon, Oct 3, 2011 at 9:52 AM, Michael Pelsmajer <pelsmajer at iit.edu> wrote:
> Hi.  This is something you will definitely want to attend if you can.  Anita
> just spoke at the UIC conference, and this is your chance to see her talk
> about her work.  Also, if you are maybe interested in doing something like
> this someday yourself...
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Undergraduate Research Talk and Information Session
> Wednesday, October 5
> 4:40pm in Life Science room 152
> Anita Thomas (undergraduate math major and math club VP)
> "Sampling Within k-Means Algorithm to Cluster Large Datasets"
> Abstract:
> Due to current data collection technology, our ability to gather data has
> surpassed our ability to analyze it. In particular, k-means, one of the
> simplest and fastest clustering algorithms, is ill-equipped to handle
> extremely large datasets on even the most powerful machines. Our new
> algorithm implements sampling within k-means to reduce the amount of data
> analyzed, thus decreasing run-time. We perform a simulation study to compare
> our sampling based k-means to the standard k-means algorithm by analyzing
> both speed and accuracy. Results show that our algorithm is significantly
> more efficient than the existing algorithm with comparable accuracy.
> This research was completed as part of the REU Site Interdisciplinary
> Program inHigh Performance Computing at the University of Maryland,
> Baltimore County.
> Talk will be followed by question & answer session about research
> opportunities for undergraduates.
> Refreshments will be served in E1 112.  All are welcome to attend.
> http://www.iit.edu/csl/am/colloquia/abstracts/fall11_thomas_anita.shtml
> For a complete and updated listing of the department's seminars, please
> visit the seminar webpage: http://www.iit.edu/csl/am/colloquia/.

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