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*Date:* November 2, 2011 8:59:15 PM CDT
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*Subject:* *Item of interest*

I am looking to form a club based on using mathematical analysis to
determine winning strategies in games. So whether it is better to attack or
defend in risk, or the payoff of a monopoly property. Other ideas might be
blackjack and poker.

The events we would like to do would be things like a free sealed magic
tournament, and a no-buy-in poker tournament with prizes.

As the mathclub, I thought that you may have interested members.
If your interested you can join the facebook group:
or email me at wmolchan at hawk.iit.edu
or text me at 732 455 1159
I am still looking for sigs to get the club started.
You would not have to attend say a blackjack meeting to attend the magic
tournament. If you cared about magic and not blackjack you would only need
to attend the magic meeting to participate in the magic tournament.

If you could distribute this email to your members, I would appreciate it.
Bill Molchan

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