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Dear students and colleagues,

Recently our library has substantially increased its eBook holdings.  See below for details and contact Carol Debiak if you have questions.

Best regards,

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> From: Carol Debiak <debiak at iit.edu>
> Subject: Math eBooks
> Date: November 4, 2011 4:02:43 PM CDT
> To: hickernell at iit.edu
> Hello,
> I wanted to provide some information on the eBook resources in mathematics and statistics that the Galvin Library has 
> recently purchased. Access to the full-text of a book may vary slightly depending on the provider’s platform. You may 
> already be familiar with some of the computer science related titles that were available through “Books 24x7” which 
> required an additional login. The majority our eBooks on mathematics are now available through the SIAM and Springer 
> Publishing platforms and should be easier to access.
> The Galvin Library has recently purchased the new SIAM’s eBook collection of approximately 400 titles published by
> SIAM over the past five decades. New titles will be available to subscribers as they are published. Although these eBooks 
> are not yet listed in the Library’s online catalog, access is already available to IIT patrons on the SIAM website at:
> http://epubs.siam.org/ebooks/. 
> All books are stored as Adobe PDF files and viewable by chapter, but you must click on the term “[pdf]” after the chapter 
> name to get the full text. The SIAM e-book platform can accommodate any number of users simultaneously and the files 
> do not carry DRM coding or restrictions although SIAM retains all of its copyright protections and does not permit 
> unapproved copying or duplication of its books.
> Springer—
> The Galvin Library has also purchased a large collection of eBooks from Springer Publishing and they are already listed in 
> the Galvin online catalog. The record gives their location as “Galvin Online Resource”. They can be accessed by clicking on the 
> “Get it online” link in the search results listing or by clicking on the term, “SpringerLink”, in the book’s specific record. The 
> books are then searchable by chapter or topic. 
> The Springer eBooks can also be accessed directly through our link to the “SpringerLink Database”: 
>  http://library.iit.edu/databases/databases.php?db_title=S .
> SpringerLink is an integrated full-text database for journals, books, protocols, eReferences, and book series published by 
> Springer. SpringerLink currently offers 2,638 fully peer-reviewed journals and 48,619 books online. The eBook listing can 
> be found under the “BROWSE” tab on the web site.
> We have full-text access to everything on the SpringerLink web site that is marked with a green rectangular icon while the 
> other items that are not covered by our subscription will usually provide a summary.
> Regards,
> Carol DeBiak
> Science and Mathematics Librarian
> Paul V. Galvin Library
> Illinois Institute of Technology
> 312-567-3372

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