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Thanks Fred.

Congratulations to Jeffrey!


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Dear colleagues and students,

If you were not aware of this already, I wanted  you to know (see below).
Please join me in congratulating Jeffrey and wishing him well at IPAM.

Best regards,

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Professor Jinqiao (Jeffrey) Duan of Applied Mathematics will join the
Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics at the University of California
Los Angeles for two years as an associate director beginning August 15. IPAM
is one of only seven National Science Foundation-funded research institutes
in the mathematical sciences.  Its mission includes making connections
between a broad spectrum of mathematicians and scientists, launching new
collaborations, and broadening the range of applications in which
mathematics is used. Duan will facilitate the numerous programs hosted by
IPAM and contribute to the decisions regarding IPAM's future programs.  He
will be based in Los Angeles but return to IIT periodically to collaborate
with his students and visitors.  In making this appointment, the director of
IPAM was impressed with Duan's scholarship, enthusiasm, and network of
contacts.  Duan's research focuses on dynamical systems arising in
geophysics and biology where randomness pla
 ys a crucial role.  He received IIT's Sigma Xi Research Award last spring.
Duan's leadership in IPAM will enhance IIT's visibility in the mathematical
sciences community. 


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