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Dear students,

Here is a networking opportunity, a one day conference.  If you are interested, you may register and likely get a scholarship to cover your fees (see below).  It may be first come, first served.

Best regards,

> The organizing committee is offering  “scholarships” to some
>  50 IIT students to attend this conference. It is ideal for both the
> educational experience and  networking.  (academic development has been
> one of the founding goals for the Central Asian Productivity Research Center)
> The entire conference should be an attraction for business students
> and faculty. The afternoon legal sessions should attract law students.
> One of the presenters represents the largest law firm in the region,
> with offices throughout  the region.
> Students can register on-line and indicate  “IIT guest”. I’ll approve the
> registration.
> We should have the revised agenda by Wednesday.  We have had to delay
> publishing a revised agenda because Tajikistan is still interested and
> Afghanistan is trying to arrange something.
> Business attire required.
> Lunch is not included.
> Professor Harry  lepinske
> JULY 2,  2011
> CONTACT: Harry Lepinske                       CHICAGO HOSTS CENTRAL
> PH: 708-246-5556                                         ASIAN MINI SUMMIT
> E:  lepinske at sbcglobal.net                  “Silk  Road Week in Illinois”
> CHICAGO—Central Asian and Eurasian diplomats , professionals, and academicians
> will gather together  in Chicago at a  “Central Asian Mini-Summit”  on Wednesday,
> July 20,  to discuss global energy security,  and regional economic development,
> and expanding business and trade opportunities.
> The “Sixth Annual Silk Road Conference” is scheduled  from 8 AM, to 5 PM, on
> Wednesday, July 20, at the Conference Center of Kent School of Law, Illinois
> Institute of Technology, 565 West Adams St.
> The conference will  highlight   the “Silk Road Week in  Illinois”. The week of
> July 18 through 22 will offer private and public events, field trips, and other
> activities focusing on Illinois’ relation to  the geopolitical, business and trade aspects
> with the Silk Road region.
> The event will be highlighted by individual presentations, panel discussions focusing
> primarily on financial, economic, and legal aspect s of the region, and open discussions.
> Table top displays will be open throughout the day.
> Presenters, panelists, and visitors will represent  Azerbaijan,  Turkey, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan,
> Afghanistan,  China, and Romania (Nubucco pipeline)
> Sponsoring organizations are the Central  Asian Productivity Research Center, which
> established the concept in 1999 in Turkey and Azerbaijan; World Trade Center-Illinois,
> Turkish-American Chamber of Commerce and Industry-Midwest; and the College of
> Business, Northern Illinois University, which had active and timely  programs involving
> the region.
> A spokes person for the conference explained, “The ancient Silk Road, with its camel
> trade routes is  changing dramatically. Today, the region is becoming a cob web of
> pipelines to expand global energy security, new roads, new railroads, and new airports.
> Cross-border business and trade is expanding constantly. Thousands of Americans
> have taken jobs in the region.”
> For information:
> Web site:  www. SilkRoadConference.org
> E –mail:     lepinske at sbcglobal.net
> Phone:      01- 708-246-5556

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