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Please see below for an interesting program at Penn State.




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Subject: New Orleans poster session students


Dear Colleague, 

You have recently supervised undergraduate student research that was
presented at the Poster Session at the Joint AMS/MAA Meeting in New Orleans.
I am writing to you as the Director of the Mathematics Advanced Study
Semesters (MASS) program at Penn State University. Please attract the
attention of your students to this unique opportunity.

MASS is a semester-long intensive program for undergraduate students
seriously interested in pursuing  career in mathematics. MASS is held during
the fall semester of each year. The participants are  juniors and seniors,
or  mathematically advanced sophomores. MASS program consists of 5 advanced
``custom made" courses in mathematics totaling 16 credit hours, fully
transferable to the  home universities of the participants and recognized as
honors courses at Penn State. 

MASS  students return to their home universities full of enthusiasm for
mathematics, and they serve as role models for other undergraduate
students. MASS alumni have had an excellent record of acceptance in top
Ph.D. programs in mathematics. 

MASS program is funded by an NSF MCTP grant.  Successful applicants are
awarded a fellowship which reduces their tuition to the in-state level.
Applicants who are US citizens or permanent residents receive an NSF
Fellowship which covers  room and board, travel to and from Penn State and
provides additional stipend. Participants who significantly exceed
expectations during the program will be awarded Performance Fellowships at
the end of the semester.

We have started recruitment for the fall of 2011. Please visit our web site
at www.math.psu.edu/mass/ for information,  contact us by e-mail at
mass at math.psu.edu, or call (814)-865-8462. The application forms for MASS
and REU are found on the web site too.

Thank you  for your help.
Sincerely yours,

Sergei Tabachnikov
Professor of Mathematics and MASS Director

Flossie Dunlop
MASS/REU Program
111 McAllister Building
University Park, PA  16802

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