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> From: SIBS programs <pam_arroway at ncsu.edu>
> Date: January 12, 2011 8:31:10 AM CST
> Subject: {Disarmed} Summer Institutes for Training in Biostatistics 2011
>  Eight Summer Institutes for Training in Biostatistics (SIBS) are scheduled for the summer of 2011. SIBS are open to all US undergraduate and beginning graduate students (US citizens or permanent residents) and are sponsored by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute and the National Center for Research Resources. The programs have been very successful, but space is limited!
> The program flyer (http://www.stat.ncsu.edu/sibs/SIBSbrochure_2011.pdf) explains that SIBS is offered at eight sites: Boston University, Emory University, University of Iowa, North Carolina State University-Duke Clinical Research Institute, University of Pittsburgh, University of South Florida, Washington University in St. Louis, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Further details are given at the individual websites listed on the flyer.
> SIBS introduces quantitatively oriented participants to Biostatistics. Students learn about the applications of statistical methods to biomedical research through coursework and hands-on experience working with real data collected in major clinical studies. Each of the program sites has its own unique features, but they all have a well-conceived, balanced agenda and an outstanding staff of dedicated investigators and professors. No specific training in statistics is required as a prerequisite.
> Participants receive college credit that can transfer back to their home institutions. All costs are covered including tuition, housing, and all meals. Students may apply to more than one program, but should accept only one.
> Please
> Forward this message to appropriate faculty advisors and student groups.
> Print and post the program flyer in an attractive location. (http://www.stat.ncsu.edu/sibs/SIBSbrochure_2011.pdf).
> We hope that this information reaches students with quantitative interests majoring in the mathematical, biological, and other sciences. Career opportunities for biostatisticians are quite good. We appreciate any assistance in reaching your students.
> For more information, including dates for summer 2011 and online applications to individual programs, please visit our program web sites:
> Boston University 
> http://sph.bu.edu/sibs 
> Emory University 
> http://www.sph.emory.edu/bios/SIBS/ 
> University of Iowa 
> http://www.public-health.uiowa.edu/biostat/isib/overview.html 
> NC State University - Duke Clinical Research Institute 
> http://www.stat.ncsu.edu/sibs/ 
> University of Pittsburgh 
> http://www.biostat.pitt.edu/sibs 
> University of South Florida 
> http://health.usf.edu/publichealth/epb/sibs/index.htm 
> Washington University - St. Louis 
> http://www.biostat.wustl.edu/sibs/ 
> University of Wisconsin 
> http://www.biostat.wisc.edu/Educational_Resources/SIBS/ 
> NCSU Dept of Statistics
> 2311 Stinson Drive
> Campus Box 8203
> Raleigh, NC 27695-8203
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