[ugrads] Thank you for your participation

Fred J. Hickernell hickernell at iit.edu
Tue Apr 12 09:17:17 CDT 2011

Dear students, faculty, and staff,

Thank you so much for each of your participation in the Menger Event, last Monday and Tuesday, which contributed to its success.  Our alumni and guests were very happy to hear Peter Winkler's talks and to see all that is happening in our department.  In particular, let me thank

o Greg Fasshauer and Michael Mongillo for their research talk,

o Hemanshu Kaul for organizing the Student Poster Competition, the students who participated, and the faculty judges,

o the student volunteers, Amlan Barua, Zhihe Liu, Barrett A Leslie, Rodrigo Rodriguez, Tiago Silva, and Qi Ye, 

o Denise Moriarty in Communications and Marketing for preparing our ad, posters, and invitation cards,

o Carrie Casper, Marian Quirk, Lauren Shelby, and James Sison in institutional advancement for contacting alumni and handling some of the logistics,

o Dean Betts for providing the helpful introductory remarks, and for his support, and 

o Gladys Collins and Joe Millham for everything that you did to make the event run smoothly.

This yearly Menger event is a great way to have an academically stimulating exercise, while connecting us with our alumni and friends.  Even though I have not named all of you in this email, each one's contribution was invaluable to the whole enterprise.  It takes a whole group of dedicated people to pull this off.  On behalf of the whole department, thank you.

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