[ugrads] [Mathclub-members] Who wants to take Applied Algebra 2 (Abstract Algebra 2) in Fall 2011

Zhihe Liu zliu34 at iit.edu
Sun Apr 10 09:23:43 CDT 2011

Hi guys,

Algebra is an amazing subject and interesting. Math majors, no excuse, this
is a MUST-KNOW subject! Other majors, do you want to figure out the reason
your file is kept secret when transferring on line, and that your driver's
license number is unique, etc? Find out the answer in this class. For more
information, please look up Prof. Ellis' old course web page

As a second part of the one-year Abstract Algebra course, we will continue
with groups, and go on to rings, fields, and their applications, esp. coding
theory. Of course, we will have to do a lot of proofs. But prove something
to be true is fun too, right?

Sounds appealing? Wait a second, there is no Algebra II offered in this Fall
right now. But you can make it happen, by signing up your name here:
http://bit.ly/gpG4Ue. Spread the words to others, the more people sign up
the more chance we can get the course.


Zhihe Liu
Math Club President

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