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Hi all,

Don't forget we will have the executive board election on Wed. Sept 14th
1:00pm in E1 103. Come and meet new and old friends.
And vote!

Candidates' information are listed below:

Michale Lee:   Events coordinator & Problem solving team leader
                    2nd Year Physics Major,
                    active in several orgs, in high school Math Team
William Fox:  Treasurer
                    1st year Physics Major
                    Present president& treasurer of Chess club
Gary So:  Events Coordinator & Webmaster
                     2nd Year Math Major,
                    wants to work for math club, webmaster experience,
Daniel Kipp:  Problem solving team leader
                    4th year Math Major,
                    ARC tutor, high school math team captain
Kunlun Guo: Web master
                   4th year Math Major, CS minor


Math Club

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