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Greg Fasshauer fasshauer at iit.edu
Wed Sep 1 10:20:13 CDT 2010

Hi All,

	As you all know, the university now has a site license for
Mathematica and we're all able to install a copy of the software on our own
(personal) machines. To do this, start here

Once you've got the software installed, you may want some help to get up to
speed. Allen Flavell, one of our graduate students, has worked a lot on
Mathematica this summer and has sent me the email below about useful video

	Have fun learning and using the software,

	Greg Fasshauer


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> From: Allen Flavell [mailto:aflavell at iit.edu]
> Sent: Wednesday, September 01, 2010 1:22
> To: Greg Fasshauer
> Subject: Mathematica Screencasts
> Hello Dr. Fasshauer,
>  I have been getting a few questions via email. In prior meetings and
> responses
> I have recommended the Mathematica Video Gallery as a great resource
> when it
> comes to figuring out how to use Mathematica:
>  http://www.wolfram.com/broadcast/#Tutorials
> There are many videos there that explain specific features. However,
> the
> resource itself is also a bit of a mixed bag. I've checked out some
> more of the
> videos and now have I specific video recommendations. Would it be
> possible to
> get this out to the people who need it?
> My top recommendation is a 70 minute presentation that starts from the
> very
> basics and builds up to the advanced top-level features. In my opinion
> it is a
> better overall introduction than the short crash course intro notebook
> that we
> made. However, it tends to move slow at times because the speaker is
> also
> performing a sales pitch:
> http://www.wolfram.com/broadcast/screencasts/commercialpresentation/
> There's also a condensed 20 minute introduction that covers the basics
> but
> doesn't explain as many advanced features as the 70 minute video:
> http://www.wolfram.com/broadcast/screencasts/handsonstartv6/
> The site also covers some smaller topics that might be of general
> interest:
> A 15 minute video that explains Manipulate:
> http://www.wolfram.com/broadcast/screencasts/makingmodels/
> A video that introduces Wolfram Demonstrations:
> http://www.wolfram.com/broadcast/screencasts/utilizingmodels/
> There are series of short (the longest is about 4 minutes) videos that
> introduce
> Dynamic. Dynamic is flashier than Manipulate, but it is also harder to
> use:
> http://www.wolfram.com/broadcast/screencasts/howtodisplaydatadynamicall
> y/
> http://www.wolfram.com/broadcast/screencasts/howtomakedynamicgraphics/
> http://www.wolfram.com/broadcast/screencasts/howtocreateadynamicinterfa
> ce/
> Finally, there are some videos that show off the typesetting and
> presentation
> features. The first one is a continuation of the 20 minute
> introduction, and is
> also 20 minutes. The second one doesn't present as much information,
> but it is
> only five minutes long:
> http://www.wolfram.com/broadcast/screencasts/handsonstartpart2/
> http://www.wolfram.com/broadcast/screencasts/howtocreatealecturenoteboo
> k/

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