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Putnam Exam at IIT, Dec. 4th 2010

The Putnam exam will take place on Saturday, December 4, in two sittings  
from 9am-12pm and 2pm-5pm at IIT Main Campus. The purpose of this survey is  
to register students for the Putnam Exam, and additionally begin the  
selection process for the 3 students who will determine IIT's team score.  
Getting a nonzero score on the Putnam is something you can put on your  
resume, especially to get into grad school. There are also three related  
problem competitions -- you can practice for all at the same time: (1) The  
Virginia Tech Regional Math Contest (Oct. 30), (2) The IIT math contest  
(Spring 2011), and (3) the ISMAA student problem solving contest April 7-9  
in Naperville.

Full Name * First name, last name

IIT Student CWID * Typically a letter follwed by 8 numbers

Email address * Email address at which you may be contacted

Are you eligible to take the Putnam Exam? * Eligibility: "All contestants  
are regularly enrolled undergradutes, will not have received a college  
degree prior to the date of the examination, and have not participated more  
than three times in the past. Any eligible entrant who is also a high  
school student has been informed of the four times limit."


Do you wish to be registered to take the Putnam Exam? * You may  
answer "Yes" now and decide "No" later. You may not answer "No" now and  
then change your mind unless someone else drops out.


Should you be considered for the 3-person team whose combined score  
determines IIT's team score? The three-person team could be selected on the  
basis of grades in mathematical coursework, or success in the Virginia Tech  
Regional math exam or other math contests. An unofficial transcript might  
be requested. Translate this question as: "Is it possible you might get one  
of the top 3 scores at IIT?"


Will you take the Virginia Tech Regional Math Exam at IIT? This is a  
warm-up exam for the Putnam, and will take place Saturday, Oct. 30 from  
9:00am-11:30am at IIT Main campus. You can say "maybe" now and show up at  
8:45am on the day of the exam.

Maybe (I'll decide later)

Do you want to be contacted about practice sessions for the Putnam and the  
Virginia Tech Regional math contest? Practice sessions will be organized by  
Daniel Kipp and Michael Lee. There will likely be a faculty advisor who has  
experience with math competitions.


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