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       Below is a request for volunteers for science fair judges at a local
school. We've had quite a few of these every year. If you're interested,
please contact Todd Medintz (tmedintz at yahoo.com), the teacher who sent the
email below.

       Greg Fasshauer

P.S.: Feel free to ask any of your non-math friends to go along.

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> Subject: Elementary School Science Fair Question
> Dr. Fasshauer,
> I received an email linked to the Science Fair Extravaganza
> Advertisement.
> It mentioned that you might have some students who would be willing to
> Judge
> a science fair.  We have our Burley School Science Fair in
> mid december, and I was hoping that you might might be able  to provide
> some
> judges.  Please let  me know if this is possible.  Thank you.
> Todd Medintz
> Burley School
> Chicago Public Schools

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