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Hi Greg,


I will need to leave the meeting around 1:30; so, it would be good that
students ask any questions that may be addressed to me before 1:30.




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Dear All,


                While I can't make attendance at the following meeting
mandatory, I do highly encourage - both students and faculty - your


Next Wednesday, March 31 from 12:45-2:00pm in the MTCC Auditorium (lots of
space to accommodate all of you!) we are planning an information
session/panel discussion at which we hope to cover things such as


.        classes next semester,

.        general info + Q & A for Applied Math Specializations,

.        minors Q & A, 

.        BS/MS degree Q & A,

.        other questions about Math classes, Math department, etc.


The Math Club will provide a light lunch: pizza, cokes, cookies, etc.


Please make an effort to attend. I consider this an integral part of the
advising procedure. We're hoping that you will benefit from getting more
specialized feedback from various professors and from different


Please think about additional topics you want to discuss and/or questions
you may have and send an email to Hannah (hkolb at iit.edu) or me.


I hope to see you all next Wednesday!


            Greg Fasshauer


P.S.: Tell your friends who might be interested in applied math (both as a
major or a minor).




Greg Fasshauer

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