[ugrads] [Mathclub-members] Cory Knapp Talk, Wednesday

Hannah R Kolb hkolb at iit.edu
Mon Mar 15 15:04:39 CDT 2010

Cory Knapp will be giving a talk this Wednesday at Math Club
E1 102

Cory is an undergraduate who recently returned from a Mathematics semester in Budapest 
He also has done/ is doing research here at IIT

Dont miss out on this great talk

Briefly, a filter on a set X is a family of subsets of X which is closed upwards and under finite intersections; an ultrafilter is a filter for which every subset of X or its complement are guaranteed to be in the filter. Ultrafilters have applications in logic, topology and set theory. My talk will give a slightly more in-depth definition of an ultrafilter, and discuss their relation to probability measures where an event happens either "almost always" or "almost never". The talk will end with a brief mention of some foundational issues regarding the existence of ultrafilters on the set of natural numbers.

Hannah Kolb 

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