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Fred J. Hickernell fred at math.iit.edu
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Dear AM grad students and advanced undergraduate students,

Every 2 years, Dr. Hong Zhang of the CS department at IIT and Argonne National Laboratory offers the course CS 595 Advanced Scientific Computing,  http://www.mcs.anl.gov/~hzhang/teach/cs595/.  Several of our students have learned a lot from this course, including Xiaoyan Zeng, who is now a postdoc at ANL, Ben Niu & Yizhi Zhang, 2 of our PhD students, Mike McCourt, who took it as a undergrad and is now a PhD student at Cornell.  You may end up in a job where you need to use large scale software packages.  This class will prepare you for that.  I encourage you to contact Dr. Zhang or any of her former students if you have questions about this class.  I also urge you to fit it into your schedule.  It is not offered every year.

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