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Subject: Multidisciplinary Summer REU at GMU, May/Jun 2010


Multidisciplinary Summer Research Experience (REU) in Computational
Mathematics and Nonlinear Dynamics of Biological, Biologically Inspired and
Engineering Systems (MAY 31, 2010 - JULY 30, 2010)


The Department of Mathematical Sciences at George Mason University will host
a multidisciplinary undergraduate research program in computational
mathematics and nonlinear dynamics of biological, bio-inspired and
engineering systems.  This nine-week program program will expose eight
qualified mathematics undergraduate students and a K-12 teacher to advanced
topics in mathematics, problem-solving techniques and multidisciplinary
applications. Selected problems range from Reconstruction of Protein
networks and Aneurysm mechanics to Modeling of Micro Air Vehicles, Neuronal
field models, Porous substrates and Materials engineering applications. The
overall goal of this program is to encourage students and teachers to learn
by discovery and enhance their understanding of the multidisciplinary role
of mathematics in engineering, science and medicine. The metro region of
Washington, DC is a particularly fertile area for research and work
opportunities, including consulting, teaching and government.


Applicants must be undergraduate students who will be completing their
junior year by June 2010. Financial support for students include a stipend
of $3,375, free on-campus housing and meals, and a travel allowance up to

Students with a strong background in advanced calculus, linear algebra and
differential equations are eligible to apply. Women and underrepresented
minorities are particularly encouraged to apply. Please note that under NSF
rules, only U.S. Citizens and permanent residents are eligible to receive
stipends and support for housing and travel costs.


The deadline for receiving all the application material is *April 2, 2010*
and accepted applicants will be notified immediately. For more details on
the program and application details, go to the program website:




For additional information, please contact us via email at:


reu at math.gmu.edu


or via phone (703) 993-9787 or (703) 993-9688


Dr. Padmanabhan Seshaiyer and Dr. Maria Emelianenko REU Program Coordinators





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