[ugrads] An eventful week, thank you for all your support

Fred J. Hickernell hickernell at iit.edu
Fri Apr 23 13:59:48 CDT 2010

Dear colleagues and students,

It has been an exceptionally eventful and very fruitful week.  Let me recap.

On Monday & Tuesday we hosted Prof. Donald Saari as our Menger Lecture.  He gave a series of excellent talks to students, alumni, faculty and friends.  Prof. Saari, mentioned several times how impressed he was with our students and faculty.

On Thursday & Friday (today) our department underwent an External Review.  The panel consisted of John Tracy (Boeing CTO & IIT Trustee) plus three distinguished professors, Avner Friedman, Yannis Kevrekidis, and Tom Trotter.  Earlier today the panel shared with me their preliminary findings.  While challenging us to reach for greater heights and recommending that we be provided resources to do so, the panel was very favorably impressed by what our faculty and students have accomplished since our formation a decade ago.   

Thank all of you who invested time and effort in making these two important events a success.  It is greatly appreciated.

Earlier today about ten faculty and students left for the Midwest Numerical Analysis Day in Des Moines, IA.  Several of them will be giving talks.  This sizable delegation underscores our strength in computational mathematics.  Thanks to Greg Fasshauer, Shuwang Li, and Xiaofan Li for organizing this.

Finally, this afternoon our tenure track faculty candidate signed our offer letter, bringing a successful conclusion to our search.  We look forward to welcoming her in August.  

Best regards,

Fred J. Hickernell, Professor and Chair
Department of Applied Mathematics, Illinois Institute of Technology
E1 Bldg Rm 208, 10 West 32nd Street, Chicago, IL 60616
Email: fred at math.iit.edu, Web: www.iit.edu/~hickernell
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Cell Phone: 1 630 696 8124

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