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Yizhi yzhang97 at iit.edu
Thu Apr 22 23:00:59 CDT 2010

Dear All,

I am pleased to announce that on Friday, April 30th, SIAM IIT Chapter will hold a movie night for everyone. The movie is called Trillion Dollar Bet, from PBS. The movie not be rented, and even can not be bought unless you are a prof. Thanks to Prof. Cialenco who gives us the access to this movie and makes this very precious opportunity become true.

Food will be served during the event. So please come and enjoy pizza and soda while watching a movie about applied math and wall street.

Movie Night: Trillion Dollar Bet
Date: Friday, April 30th
Time: Around 5:00pm, TBD
Location: E1, Room TBD

Looking forward to see you then.


Yizhi Zhang
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